Drunk White Male Got Disciplined After Calling Elderly Black Man the N-Word

A White male was caught on a video using the N-Word for an elderly black man at a train Station in Chicago, and he was taught a lesson of “how to respect the black elderly.”

According to Atlanta Black Star, a young white guy who disrespectfully used the N-word for an elderly black man at a train station in Chicago was brought to a complete disciplinary time. The seen was captured on video by a passenger.

Twitter user @raresoulx said the man was sitting quietly on the train just like any other passenger did when a white young passenger began to racially abuse the black man nearly for 15 minutes. When “Mr. White’s” cup was full, the black man brought him to his knees and showed him how to be discipline amidst people.

“Blacks are always brought up from a discipline home,” is not just a saying but was proved by this elderly man. The young white man was shown the exit from the train after he received a perfect discipline from this black man.

Take a look at the video below.

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