African American Museum Designed With Emotions In Mind

African American museum, which allegedly was designed to leave emotional “foot-print” in the mind of people, will officially be opened on September 24.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture was purposely designed to trigger the emotions of visitors which will for a longer period of time dwell in their heart. These artifacts will highlight on stories of slavery, Reconstruction, segregation and the civil rights movement. Museum officials anticipate tears, sighs and even some anger as visitors proceed through the galleries.

However, we have witnessed the history of slavery in the past and how unpleasant it is because of the memory it holds. Beginning from kindergarten, most people have had it drilled into their heads about how the white man has abused and continues to abuse blacks. These “graphic” displays presented in this museum actually cause more racial divide, add fuel to already large fire. Society needs reminders so history doesn’t repeat itself, but how many reminders does it need and until when?

Esther Washington who is the museum director of education and America are bent on inducing emotion trauma and mental torture to Blacks and the natives of the land through these museum exhibitions thereby reminding them of the past and slavery.

According to Washington, “The idea of letting people sit with a little bit of discomfort is something we have to do because of the stories we have in the museum.” This is the inconspicuous idea of the existence of the museum. How can she plan to let one feel a bit of discomfort?

This museum is important to White American society, because it will depict the disgusting period of slavery and racism. And if racism is not eradicated from the system, then America is not better then Nazi Germany.

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