White School Security Officer Fired For Having Black Wife

Former Knox County Schools Security Officer says his boss dismissed him from his duty post, because he is married to a black woman and has black children.

The Knoxville News Sentinel reported that a former school security for the Knox County Schools, Tennessee, John Smelser was fired by his boss, Gus Paidousis, who is the Chief of School Security, admitting to the reason that he is having a black wife and black children.

Former Officer Smelser, last week filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination against Chief Paidousis and Knox County School. According to the law suit, Paidousis fired Smelser who is white, last year when he had a hint that Smelser is a husband to a black woman and a father to two black kids.

Smelser, who was hired in September 2014 to work at Shannondale Elementary School as security officer and also a police cadet, received a letter from the school Superintendent, Jim Mclntyre, saying  “It has been determined that your services are no longer needed,” without the reason of termination being stated in the letter.

However, three security captains in the school made a complaint about Chief Paidousis’ racist comments about Smelser’s marriage, how he has problem with anger and also sexually abuses female employees. Apparently, the school didn’t even cough about it because he is White. If a person is racist, he already has other bad personality traits, and by showing racism, he shows his ignorance.

John Smelser should fight back hard to get back his job; he shouldn’t suffer from other people’s prejudices. Good luck to him!


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