BLM Activists Interrupt Another Clinton Campaign Event In Pittsburgh

“She’s killing us! Blood on her hands!” – A BLM activist interrupts Chelsea Clinton as she gives a speech at the Clinton Campaign event.

The event on Wednesday April 13 in Pittsburg was interrupted by a BLM protester Julia Johnson who was shouting, “She’s killing us! Blood on her hands!”

According to KDKA-TV, J. Johnson repeatedly screamed those words to point out Hillary Clinton’s double-standard stance on African-Americans over the past years.  Her protest didn’t last for too long as some of Hilary’s supporters began chanting Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!

Chelsea was calm when Johnson interrupted her, but that wasn’t in the case of Bill Clinton who was also interrupted by two Black Lives Matter protesters during a campaign for his wife Hillary. Bill angrily responded to those protesters by saying they “are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter.

We’re all getting set for the elections but there are issues that first need to be addressed. Who can actually be the right choice for the country?

Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio joke about black people while Bernie Sanders speaks on issues of racism.

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