Police Officers Use Excessive Force at Homan Square

Documents from the Chicago police department revealed that cops used physical force on men already in custody at Homan Square, a detention facility.

The Guardian obtained internal documents that revealed how Chicago police used knee strikes, elbow strikes, slaps, wrist twists, baton blows and Tasers at Homan Square. However, before the documents have been released, authorities denied using violence on prisoners at the detention facility.

The injured men are among at least 7,351 people – more than 6,000 of them black – who, police documents show, have been detained and interrogated at Homan Square without a public notice of their whereabouts or access to an attorney.

All of them weren’t injured during arrests, they were injured while being already in custody at the facility. Moreover, sometimes cops applied force sufficient enough to warrant hospitalization.

According to the Guardian, the documents include hospitalization records and a standard form documenting the use of physical force called a Tactical Response Report. The form includes a follow-up review conducted by a superior officer. In all cases obtained by the Guardian, the reviews found the use of force to be justified, even when the officers did not interview the victims.

Homan Square is a nightmare for any resident of Chicago, especially a black resident. Let’s not forget that the city has a long history of police violence and torture. Unfortunately, mayor Rahm Emanuel doesn’t want to do anything about it.


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