Black Organizations Come Together To Unveil The United Black Legislative Agenda

The black community in Minnesota has appealed for $100 million from the government to address the unemployment issue of Black citizens.

A group of black organizations decided to come together and solve the important black issues which have been overlooked by the government for a very long time.

There was a recent meeting at the State Office Building in St. Paul where the black organizations including Minneapolis Urban League, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, the Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage and many others presented their 100$ million plan also known as the United Black Legislative Agenda. This agenda is aimed at creating a Business Capital Fund to boost African-American businesses.

Other initiatives of the plan include creating summer jobs for teens, responding to the real challenges which face working parents and improving the criminal justice system.

The need for African American businesses to be boosted was highlighted at the gathering because it has been noted that black people are mostly hired by black owners of companies and businesses compared to others.

If all these measures above are achieved accordingly by the organizations, it will help resolve the issue of racial discrimination since more value and dignity will be provided to the black societies.

Black people! It’s time to restore balance in our communities with or without the help of the government.

With the hard work and unity, better and greater things can be achieved creating a healthy and secured life for every black individual.

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