Ex – Officer ’s Attorneys Want New Trial Because Juror Allegedly Lied During Jury Selection

Ex-Officer Peter Liang’s attorneys filed a motion Tuesday claiming that one of the jurors should not have been part of the panel.

The attorneys for Ex-officer Peter Liang who recklessly killed Akai Gurley were morally motivated after three jurors expressed their views about the recommendation of the Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson that Liang should be considered from jail time.

However, before the selection of the jury Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun put it to all the potential jurors if they or anyone close to them had ever been accused of a crime it should be known, since such a person is not legal to be part of the jury. Amazingly everyone came clean at that point.

Apparently, Daily News reported that juror No. 9, a 62-year-old Michael Vargas in court documents said his father was sent to jail for accidentally shooting a friend to death. Unfortunately this fact contradicts Vargas’ initial words to the Supreme Court Justice and the juror board entirely. He is considered dishonest among the juror and the entire juror selection unfair.

From this point, a red flag was raised – this was the reason why a new trial is in session. “A juror who lies his way onto a jury ‘is a stranger who sneaks into the jury room,’” according to court documents filed by Liang’s attorney Paul Shechtman.

“Any judge or appellate court takes it seriously when there’s possible juror misconduct or a Sixth Amendment violation,” said criminal defense lawyer Joey Jackson.

“Peter Liang received a fair trial and we will respond to the motion in court,” said a Thompson spokesman.

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