Courses In Manhood For Black Boys

The Oakland Unified School District has introduced a Manhood Development Program for African-American students as an alternative to traditional discipline.

African-American students have always been discriminated in favor of white students with respect to how quick and hard black students are punished for misbehavior and the high rates at which they are suspended compared to their white colleagues.

The Oakland Unified School District has introduced a full-credit elective known as “Mastering Our Cultural Identity: African-American Male Image,” which is taught by black instructors for only African American boys.

Authorities of the school claim this program would help to guide black students towards success and developing the positive image of Black men.

This educational strategy is one of the highest forms of racial discrimination. Why would white kids be educated on how to read and write towards becoming successful while black students are educated on how to restrain from disciplinary problems? How can black students become successful if they are not learning the necessary things at school?

These decisions made by the State and schools have played a huge role in the achievement graduation gaps between black and white students in the past few years.

This educational inequality has attributed to the high unemployment rate and lower earnings of black students compared to white students.

Every child has the right to get an education and hence equal educational opportunity no matter what is the color of their skin, ethnic background, religion, or sex, or whether they are rich or poor.

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