Father And Son Shot 56 Times By Killer Cops

Questions being asked include why 56 shots were fired at two people?


Family members of Kimani Johnson and Matthew Wood Jr. are demanding a tangible explanation for reasons why cops decided to fire 56 gunshots at their beloved.

Mary Scott Harper, Johnson’s wife and mother of two, including Matthew Wood, commented on the ‘murder’ of her beloved ones, “56 shots, that’s overkill.”

To Mary Scott Harper, the story makes no sense to her, it doesn’t sum up. “He was trying to protect himself and Kimani wasn’t going to let him go by himself,” she said. Johnson was just trying to protect his family, when  they were spotted by three police officers last Thursday in Green Mount West.

Johnson apparently had two loaded guns with him when the police engaged him. Police Commissioner Kevin Davis in a press conference last Friday said, neither Kimani nor Mathew fired a single shot at the officers, instead “cops get out of their car and engage these killers.”

The officers have been read their Miranda rights and since refused to give statements about the fatal shooting.

The late Kimani Johnson would have celebrated his 19th birthday today. Harper said, “He was not this monster that they are portraying him to be.”

It has been reported that only two out of the three officers fired the 56 shots, however, all three have been placed on administrative leave, as if that would bring back Kimani Johnson and Matthew Wood Jr. It’s a pity such killer cops in the U.S. are not charged instantly and imprisoned, this would pose caution to other cops and prevent such future occurrences.

As it stands now, a father and his son have been brutally murdered for absolutely causing no harm to the cops who shot 56 times at them.


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