Prosecutor Faces Four Ethics Complaints Over Racist Facebook Post

Racial profiling is a violation of the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which states for “the principle of equality before the law”.


A Washington County Deputy DA Zoe Smith has been filed against with four ethics complaints for writing a post on Facebook that appeared to support racial profiling.

These were Smith’s Facebook comments: “I keep reading about the anti-politically correct movement to support Trump. For the record, I’m on board. If you’re looking for a terrorist, look at a young Muslim male. If you’re looking for a gang shooter, look for a young black guy. If you’re looking for a child molester or a mass shooter, look for a white guy. That’s just common sense. I’m more concerned about the environment in which we live and economic equality for those who work. Tell me how you plan to fix that, Mr. Trump.”

These comments were considered very dangerous and unethical. As an attorney her judgments about people shouldn’t be based on their skin color.

President Edward Kroll, Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association shared a letter he sent to Washington County District Attorney concerning the post.

Kroll wrote, “When a member of your office publicly voices that racial profiling is ‘just common sense,’ frankly, it is terrifying”.

The Criminal Justice system is expected to treat all victims, defendants and witnesses fairly and justly hence Smith needs to be held accountable for the crime committed.

Racial profiling is one form of discrimination and rights violation that remains prevalent in the law enforcement.

There is no doubt in my mind that Smith must be prosecuted for this act of racist hate. It is completely unacceptable for a representative of the judicial system to be racial or religiously biased.

But can we still hope that justice will be served, when the prosecutors themselves turn out to be racist?…

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