NYPD Commissioner ‘Very Concerned’ Over Postal Worker’s Arrest In Brooklyn

NYPD Commissioner, William Bratton, has expressed his concern about the arrest of Glen Grays, a 27-year-old black mail carrier by four plain clothes cops.

According to Bratton the officers involved in the arrest belonged to the Police Department’s Conditions Unit and they were supposed to work in a uniform. But officers who made Glen Grays’ arrest were in plain clothes.

Grays said he did not just want the officers involved in his arrest to be fired, but rather he demanded that they should face some sort of disciplinary action for their conduct.

The officers, Lt. Luis D. Machado, Lazo Lluka, Miguel I. Rodriguez and David G. Savella were demoted and put on patrol, pending an internal-affairs investigation.

Bratton spoke about how the police officers violated the federal law by not wearing their uniforms and making false arrest.

Bratton’s strong concern is never the solution to such misconduct.  Action are needed to be taken in order to minimize these false arrests rather than expressing concerns.

No police department in the country is known to be free of misconduct and therefore police abuse is a serious national problem which should be dealt with on the local level.

People in authority are expected to use their power to introduce measures that would help reduce false arrests, the unreasonable usage of handcuffs, leg restraints, chokeholds, when cops are dealing with suspects instead of just showing concerns.

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