The Graduation Rate Of Black Students Should Increase

The graduation rate of American universities has improved significantly, but sadly not with respect to black students.

Schools in America are more segregated now than they were in the past, but the Supreme Court does not seem to care. This has led to the significant decrease in the number of black students, who earn diplomas, compared to the number of white students.

For many years black children have faced discrimination in the classroom. Teachers also tend to punish and suspend black students more than white students.

A recent study showed that the graduation rate among white students had increased from 55.4 percent in 2003 to 60.7 percent in 2013, while for African–American students the graduation rate has increased only from 38.2 percent to 40.3, which is very insignificant.

This is due to the fact that many public universities lack the support system that black students need.

Minority students, who often have relatives to take care of, have to work most of the time in order to pay for tuition. Their level of concentration under such circumstances is incomparable to that of their white colleagues, who go through with a ‘white privilege’ package allowing to settle all expenses.

There have been advocates for black children, who say they should study together with white students but all the initiatives to do so failed. For instance, the Ku Klux Klansmen once blew up ten school buses just to prevent black and white students from attending the same school at the same time.

The Supreme Court has been failing to care about the integration of black students for decades, which resulted in their poor academic performance.

In order to see improvements and success among black students the gap between them and white students should be closed, black students should be allowed to normally study together with white students and the opponents of integration should be shut off.

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