Cornell West Expounds On Race In U.S.

C. J. West, a social activist speaks on the state of race in U.S. and explains why President Obama doesn’t match with legends like Dr. King Jr.

In an interview with CBS News, the author, philosopher and social activist tending to speak from his soul explained how poor and disadvantaged African-Americans are treated in U.S. and how it influences on matters of race.

West blamed the president for not doing enough on issues of inequality and racial justice. Respected author, who had once supported our current president, now referred to him as a “black poppet of Wall Street” to expound the degree to which Wall Street controls his policies towards poor black people.

Furthermore, West blamed Obama for his war policy, saying, “Barack Obama commits war crimes — Somalia, Yemen. He commits war crimes in Pakistan, Afghanistan”.

He is concerned about the struggle of Blacks for their freedom, about justice and actions taken by President Obama on crimes against humanity.

The social activist outlined that Obama should not be compared to legends like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm. Their aim was to keep a spotlight on war crimes and to fight for justice for innocent blacks who were killed every day, but it isn’t true for President Obama.

C. J. West is one of the intelligent noble activists who are trying to motivate the whole black community to develop and protect itself.

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