Race And Disability Discrimination

Mall of Georgia kicks disabled 5-year-old African-American boy out of playground.

Isaiah Tate, 5, a disabled and nonverbal African-American kid, was prevented from watching other kids jump and run in the play area of the Mall of Georgia by a security guard.

According to his mother, April Tate, her son enjoys being around the playground to watch other children play.

“He laughs and giggles and he’s so animated; you can tell that he really enjoys being there,” Tate said.

But on Friday, when Isaiah’s family took him to the mall, as they have often done, a security guard approached them asking that they leave the children’s play area because Isaiah’s wheelchair was a ‘safety hazard’.

April Tate wrote on Facebook calling the incident “discrimination at its finest.”

“At the time, I was angry and trying not to cry! We have never experienced something like this personally. Isaiah is unable to talk, so I am his voice. I will always stand up for him and I [am] not sorry for that,” she wrote.

According to WSB-TV reports, the Mall of Georgia has released a statement in which they apologized to the family, giving assurance that they were working with all parties involved to rectify the problem.

However, it is a shame for something like this to have happened in the first place, given that large public serving establishments like the Mall of Georgia are expected to exhibit the highest possible standards.

How possibly can a wheel chair with a little boy in it pose a security threat? How mean does one have to be to kick a disabled 5-year-old out of a playground? Did the little boy’s race have something to do it? Well at this point one thing we know for sure is that America has never ceased to amaze us.

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