Kentucky Juvenile-Detention Staff Face Charges For Misconduct

Two staff members from the Kentucky juvenile-detention have been indicted on March 18 for the death of an African-American teenager.

Gynnya McMillen, 16, was arrested and detained in Lincoln Village Juvenile-Detention center. She died hours later after officers restrained her in an Aikido stress position.

According to investigation, the two staff members Victor Holt and Reginald Windham hadn’t done routine bed-time check on McMillen. These staff members later forged the time sheet to prove that they indeed checked her every 15 minutes.

Many concerned citizens have doubts about McMillen’s autopsy. Her medical report says she died from “rare undetected genetic disorder that caused an irregular heartbeat”. How true is that? A teenager who had no health issues dies in a mysterious way. She was murdered in cold blood.

“We deserve to know what happened to her! And if there’s nothing to hide, there’s no reason why our questions should be unanswered,” a sympathizer wrote on Facebook.

Holt and Windham would have a three month jail term if they’re convicted and each will pay a $250 fine. But is it really enough? Other staff has been sent on administrative leave while investigation still continues.

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