Baltimore School Officer Slaps A Student

A video recording of a Baltimore school police officer slapping a student 3 times and kicking him has been released.

A video of 4 seconds was recorded by a student with his cell phone showing a police officer slapping a young man three times and kicking him afterwards. The officer is known to work for the Baltimore City High School.

The second officer behind the police officer made no attempt to stop him. This incident occurred on Reach Partnership High School in Baltimore.

The officer is under criminal investigation for assault now.

The officer’s attorney and school authorities have refused to release the officer’s name.

The police officer claimed he asked the student to leave the vicinity several times but the kid refused, and used profane words on him.

According to the officer’s attorney, Michael Davey the video only captured a small part of the incident which played out several minutes beforehand.

However, the events that happened before and after the incident is under investigation. But no matter the case the officer’s actions are unjustified.

Michael Davey says his client was responding to a call of an intruder on school grounds.

The lawyer’s victims told CNN that his victim had injuries to his face and ribs.

The lawyer says his victim was a 10th grade student of Reach Partnership High School but school and police officials say otherwise. They claim he was just an intruder on school grounds. The person who recorded the video also claimed the young man wasn’t a student.

The officer in question together with two other officers has been placed on paid administrative leave.

The surprising part was that both police officers in the video and the victim were black.

The police are expected to protect the children and not to use their power and authority to inflict pain on them. The behavior of the police is completely unacceptable.

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