Cop Fired For Facebook Comment On BLM Activist’s Death

Lee Cyr, a police officer in Ohio, has been fired for calling the death of a BLM activist MarShawn McCarrel’s “a happy ending”.

The 23-year-old activist was an organizer who made positive impact in so many lives. He was man wanting to serve his people. Report says that he helped launch a sponsored mentor program for young people called Pursuing Our Dreams in addition to helping the homeless by leading a campaign called “Feed The Streets.”

Sometime in January this year, something somewhere went wrong. So he started posting on Facebook emotional and philosophical musings. “Pride will make you miss out on so much,” he posted in January and later “Lost is the man who has more answers than questions.” Before Mccarrel’s death, his final posts were “My demons won today. I’m sorry.

The Ohioan police officer Cyr, while off duty, saw a Facebook post about Mccarrel’s death the he commented “Love a happy ending”. He was at first sent on a paid administrative leave while investigations were been carried out.

The Chief of Police Terry L. Barlow recently said in a statement released: “After completion of an internal affairs investigation, the Fairborn Police Department has terminated the employment of Officer Lee Cyr effective immediately. This is in regard to the blog posting by Lee Cyr regarding the suicide of activist MarShawn McCarrel. The action is in violation of the department’s social media policy and does not conform to the Professional Standards & Core Values established by the organization.

It’s good that some police departments are taking actions in cases like these. Some cops are not just trained enough to know what to say and not to say on social media. A vivid example is the case of Officer Phillip White who said in one of his tweets: “…I will use my God given and law appointed right and duty to kill you.”

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