Bus Driver Uses Racial Slur, Orders Black Woman To Back Seat

Toni Young, a young black woman faced the “most dehumanizing incident” of her life when she was ordered by a bus driver to surrender her front seat and move to the back in 2014.

According to a law suit filed in Alameda County (California) Superior Court, her attorney, Michael Adams highlighted that Young was travelling from San Francisco aboard a Greyhound Bus to Sacramento for a family celebration when the unthinkable and dehumanizing incident took place.

The civil rights complaint seeks punitive damages for what Young describes as “psychological trauma, including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety.”

A look at the lawsuit brings back to mind, the mid 1950’s bus incident starring Claudette Colvin or Rosa Parks.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the bus driver, Cynthia Lara, allegedly ordered Young, who had taken a seat in the front, to move to the back because the driver was expecting an elderly passenger to board in Sacramento.
Young says she told the bus driver she was getting off in Sacramento, so the matter was “irrelevant.”

According to Michael, as she resolved to “comply,” she “quietly” told the driver she “didn’t have to have an attitude about this.”
Lara quickly fired back that she didn’t have an attitude and reportedly called for security to escort Young off the bus and called her a racial slur.

Michael has sworn to bring Lara to book and promote constitutional rights which must not be infringed on.

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