African-American Man Charged With Felony For Protecting His Property

African-American man ended up in jail after confronting a white man who was selling Confederate flags and other racist paraphernalia on his property.

Virgil Rayford, 52, was charged with felony assault with a gun. According to Rayford’s attorney he was notified that there was an intruder on his property.

He drove to his property and upon his arrival spotted a tent erected by a 37- year-old man by name Matthew Barrentine. Matthew Barrentine had gone there without permission.

Matthew Barrentine was selling Confederate flags, and other paraphernalia under the tent.

Virgil Rayford asked Barrentine to leave but he refused. The two men got into a scuffle.

Barrentine went to his car and Rayford who felt threatened Barrentine was going for a weapon also grabbed a gun which he owed legally from his vehicle. He held it by his side and the ‘intruder’ packed his goods and left.

Barrentine later gave a different story that Rayford hit him on the side of his head with the gun. Guess he should have had a mark on his face as evidence, since a gun is heavy enough to cause a bruise.

Rayford denied the claim but he was still arrested. He was later released.

Rayford said he is a calm person and tries to avoid racism problems. He owned up for holding a gun but claimed he never pointed it at Barrentine.

What makes the case controversial is that the trespasser was a white man and Rayford was black, moreover Rayford didn’t give Barrentine the permission to sell those items which he also found very offensive.

Rayford’s attorney is calling for the charges to be dropped.

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