$100M Wrongful Death Lawsuit Dropped

Parents of Kendrick Johnson Drop $100M Wrongful Death Lawsuit Alleging Massive Cover-Up By State, Local Officials.

Jacquelyn and Kenneth Johnson, the parents of Kendrick John whose mysterious death occurred in 2013 have dropped a $1000 wrongful lawsuit against the son of an FBI agent they believe to have been behind the death of their son, they however have plans of returning to the case later.

17-year old Kendrick was found dead in a rolled-up gym mat at Valdosta Lowndes High School in mid-January 2013.

Two separate lawsuits were filled by the parents of Kendrick one against Brian and Brandon Bell the sons of FBI agent they believed has a hand in the death of their son and another alleging a cover up and conspiracy by state and local officials. Jacquelyn and Kenneth believed that the police and medical examiner’s office to cover up those who were involved in the killing.

Jacquelyn and Kenneth claim their son was beaten to death by Rick Bell the son of the FBI agent after being lured into the gym by a female classmate. The two however denied their involvement in this crime.

The lawyer for the Johnson family Chevene King told CNN that the motion for the dismissal of the case is a procedural move. “We will be refiling in the coming months, we understand the federal investigation is ongoing and this gives us an opportunity to strengthen our case.”

The most surprising of all is that whenever a black life is lost, it is always by accident or suicide and never a foul play by anyone. Our prayers still remain that the truth about this baffling case shows up soon.

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