Cops Let Go Drunk Driver With His Penis Out After Finding Out Who He Is

Professional courtesy — the golden rule among police that prevents them from touching one of their own.

A dashcam video shows two Blaine Police officers responding to a call concerning a drunk driver who had passed out in his car and packed along the roadside. These officers managed to capture the driver’s attention but he appeared incapable of yielding to commands or instructions.

After a long dramatic process, this man managed to open the door and came out of his car with his penis out of his pants. “Oh, great,” Officer Brad Nordby says to his partner. “His penis is out of his pants.”

Dashcam video shows that the normal ‘rituals’ were done. This man was identified as William Monberg and a breathalyzer was taking which registered 202- far way beyond two and a half times above legal limit.

“William, right now I’m going to place you under arrest for DWI,” says the officer. “Ok, so put your hands behind your back for me.” He is then placed in the back of the patrol car.

Upon examining the contents of Monberg’s wallet, one officer says, “Oh, crap.”

Looking at one another, without saying a word, both officers pull their body mics out of their pockets — and shut them off. Then they step away from the camera forgetting that the mic and camera in the patrol car is still recording.

Monberg happened to be investigator from the Columbia Height Police Department; hence “professional courtesy” — the unspoken rule among police that they will not arrest one of their own.

KARE 11 reported that Monberg was not taken into custody but the officers figured a way out to take him home. No official police reports were filed against him either.

This is the “Blue Privilege.” If he happens to be one of their own, irrespective of the situation, they always want to find a way to make them go scot-free.

Even though Monberg was charged with DWI in December, he pled not guilty and his court date was scheduled for March 2.

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