Your Voices: Mothers Of The Movement

Some of us never thought about mothers that lost their kids, mothers in the Black movement.

As we are heading upon the 3rd Anniversary of the death of Michael Brown, I found myself reflecting on the MOTHER’S OF THE MOVEMENT (known and unknown).

The bulk of them are walking MATERNAL MORTAL BEINGS!

Maternal Mortality!

To birth others babies
To nurture others babies
To teach infant care
To model maternal duties
To love others as your own
To speak motherese to others
To have that twinkle in the eye for others
To take others by the hand
To smile in order to elevate others head
To be the light that lead others out
To be the right vitamin for energy and strength the weak need
To be the resource others depend on
To give up your time and talents creepy because we are naturally birthers

To do all of these for others and die without investing in or depositing in ourselves and our family this honor of ourselves is not only tragic, worthless but a waste of life.

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