Your Voices: Questions About Harsh Black Life

These questions won't be answered now because white people ignore it

How when our children are being taught by people who don’t have to see their humanity or poverty and are given MAJOR PERKS to criminalize both?

How when t hose who benefit from the oppressed are standing in the classrooms across America paid to be wardens?

How when social media controls what those who are LIVING in these deplorable circumstances are silenced?

How when Racebook and Twitter allow silencing of the BLACK powerful voices?

How when anger, discomfort, resentment and legislated demise are stifled, muted, blocked and policed?

How when being marginalized in every aspect of our being from the moment we are born to we die and everyone knows but no one knows?

How when employers hire their loved ones and close friends and so they have these preconceived notions about people of rich melanin hue?

How when legislated education malpractice is the norm of which is the foundation need to become gainfully employed in jobs of the future of which will be competitive so we aren’t even entering into the race s we once the LEADERS, INVENTORS, CREATORS, ENGINEERS and MASTERMINDS?

How when those who are voted in to serve us, serve THEMSELVES?

How when we aren’t even told about politricks?

How when their are two dialogues in America (One for WHITE FOLKS and one for all others)

How when our racism is so deeply ingrained that the OPPRESSOR have taken out, edited, glossed over, erased and hidden the truth starting from our curriculum and for THAT we are believing those who are actually doing the oppressing and vilifying those who are oppressed?

How can we if those in the thick of poverty are being told they are agitators, instigators and all they want is justice and equality?

How when in order to matriculate, excel, or advance one MUST deny poverty and the poor?

How when this entire America is wicked where BLACK AND BROWN bodies are concerned?

How when organizations that represented BLACK AND BROWN people used to pride themselves in seeing the fruit of their labor because they upheld their VISION, MISSION, VALUE, POLICIES, PROCEDURES, PHILOSOPHY, OBJECTIVE,GOAL. IT USED TO BE PEOPLE over profit.
How when you are working so hard for little to nothing and can’t still make ends me?

How when you don’t even care about the dialogue that is going on that you should lead because you are too tired of living?

How when living is hard?

how when life is hard?

How when social class dictates a lot?


How when people get a MAJOR check on our being marginalized?

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