Outrage after police officer wears ‘White Power’ t-shirt to court

A Washington D.C. police officer wore a highly offensive t-shirt to court, forcing officials to apologize for his behavior.

The shirt was supposed to be promoting law enforcement but it depicts a white power symbol and a grim reaper with a rifle. Not the most comforting image for an officer to be wearing at any time, not to mention to court.

The Metropolitan Police say that they are investigating the incident and have placed the unnamed officer on non-contact status. This means he will still be working but most likely from a desk, he will not have contact with the community.

The police tweeted their apology after complaints from activists and an inquiry by Washington Post reporter Radley Balko.

According to Law4BlackLivesDC, a group related to Black Lives Matter published a picture of the shirt along with a petition on Wednesday.

They claim that on June 2, 5, and 13, officer Vincent Altieri worse the “offensive, racist, and threatening shirt.” Apparently, he even wore it to court on days he was to testify.

“The shirt displays symbols of police harassment, hate, and death while prominently displaying the symbols and emblems of the Metropolitan Police Department,” they stated.

The petition suggests that the shirt was not just made for this one man, but perhaps for all the officers of the Seventh District. They made clear their concerns for the locals of that area and their treatment at the hands of police.

Law4BlackLivesDC says that 95 percent of people in that district are black and have faced harassment and abuse from law enforcement. They have taken steps to formally file complaints with the MPD’s internal affairs office as well as the Office of Police Complaints.

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