DeQuince Erin Brown Needs Your Help To Fight Injustice

DeQuince Erin Brown is launching a crowdfunding campaign to help with legal fees after an officer killed her boyfriend and charged her with attempted murder.

First an Evangeline Parish, La., sheriff’s officer shot her boyfriend, who was lying on the ground, in the back. When an  115-pound, unarmed woman jumped on a man nearly twice her size in a desperate attempt to save the life of her loved one, the officer had a gun in his hand.  But she was still charged with first-degree attempted murder, booked in the Evangeline Parish Jail and given a $75,000 bond, The Root says.


Pen Point News investigative reporter Daniel Banguell’s interview with Joe Long, the attorney for DeQuince Erin Brown confirms many of the details reported above.

In the recording, Long affirms that Guillory was on the ground with his hands behind his back, begging for his life, pleading, “Please don’t shoot me; I have three kids,” when officer Paul LaFleur first shot Guillory.

Long also states that two ambulances came to the scene, but “one ambulance loaded the deputy in and took him to the hospital. The other one left empty. When she left in a police car, Guillory’s body was still on the gravel road.” When asked if anyone treated Guillory, the attorney added, “As far as she knows, she never witnessed anybody attempt CPR for Guillory. It may have happened, but she didn’t see it.”


To fight for justice for both her and the late Guillory, Brown has enlisted the help of CrowdJustice, the first platform for donation-based litigation crowdfunding.

Brown told her supporters: “It is because of you that people now know what is going on in our hometowns. Last but not least, I have to thank my lawyers for being the best they can be with this situation. They have worked hard from the start!”


Let’s try to support Brown’s daring initiative to have justice served to her boyfriend as in this hard fight every little will help.

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