Activist Group Distributes Accounts Of Campus Racism

A group of students, who hopes to spread awareness of what it describes as a racist culture at Texas A&M, recently shared written testimonials of alleged incidents involving racism.

A march and assembly which protested against perceived racial discrimination at Texas A&M, ended on the steps of the Jack K. Williams Administration Building.

20 anonymous written testimonies reportedly from A&M students and faculty which described instances of racism on A&M’s campus as well as some statistics about minority populations at Texas A&M are on the flyers given out.

The Anti-racism group handed out the written testimonials, one of which examples include a recollection of a group of students yelling racial slurs and throwing a rock at a minority student as well as a Hispanic student who said men on a campus bus offered their seat to a white woman but would not offer it to her.

Emilio Bernal, a sociology senior who has been active in spearheading the campaign, said the testimonials are being published to get the attention of the A&M community.

Bernal said that the group hopes to make it known to A&M students and faculty that campus racism is an ongoing problem for minorities.

The move comes after a group of minority high school students were allegedly met with racial slurs during a campus tour on Feb. 9.

Texas A&M anti-racism organization hope to arrange meet ups to sensitize people about racism and its forms. They speak about the incidents and want to draw attention to this problem.

Another imminent silent demonstration tagged “#MoveInSilence” is being planned by the Texas A&M NAACP. The demonstration is scheduled to take place at the Rudder Plaza on March 4.

They want to make a change and that is much more than encouraging. Isn’t it?

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