Racist Woman Calls Herself “Pioneer”

A racist woman proudly defends using the n-word.

Valerie Smith, who is running for the Village Board in Southhampton is a great fan of racial slurs but instead of being ashamed of that she decided to persuade everyone that her disgusting disrespectful attitude is a virtue.


“I came into this neighbourhood colorblind,” she says. “When you are a pioneer like I am, it’s not easy. I’m the only white person who owns and lives on this street.”

val2 val3

The racist woman used the slur when she called to police. In the record of the call, she’s heard saying  “There’s a bunch of ni—ers in front of my house… drinking Hennessy and everything.”

val4 val5

Smith is absolutely sure that using the n-word towards Black people is ok just because she thinks Eddie Murphy “made a career” from the use of it.

This is outragous! Her claims are based on pure racism and misinterpretation. In many of his shows, Eddie Murphy condemns using racial slurs and brilliantly makes white supremacist feel uncomfortable about it. In the early eighties, he made the audience feel uneasy urging them to say the “n” word and not other derogatory words commonly used to insult Black people out loud. At the same period, he challenged Barbara Walters when he told her that everyone had used the “n” word at least once.  As she expressed faint doubts he asked her if she had ever used the word herself. … Uneasy silence again… Too many whites are racists in the heart but only a few of them are ashamed of that.



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