Black Lawmakers Enraged By Racist Email

Black lawmakers accuse their colleague of being racist and trying to minimize their influence.

Do you think that there is a place for racism in lawmaking? The answer seems to be obvious but white Alabama legislator, Lynn Greer, of Rogersvillewould disagree with you. He even found a way how to use it for his own profit.

In an attempt to reduce the influence of Black voters and Black lawmakers who tried to oppose some new proposed legislative districts he made a send out for dozens of legislators and lobbyists. The email contained the description of the experiment on monkeys in which caged animals gradually stopped reaching for banana just because their predecessors were punished for doing so.

Greer’s action caused outrage among Black lawmakers as they found the video “insulting” and “unacceptable” and demanded the resignation of the racist.  Greer made and apology and tried to persuade his colleagues that the email was meant to be a joke about the need to replace incumbents. This is how white people write their laws and how they try to repress Blacks who disagree with them!


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