Black Teen Surprises His Mother At Prom

A Black teen from East Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte chose a very special date for his prom.

18 years ago Shontelle Howard-Moss couldn’t have attended her high school prom because she was pregnant with her son. Ryan Howard grew up and understood how unfair it was towards his mother. That is why the Black teen chose her as his date.

“It’s always been on my heart,” Rayquan said. “I wanted to make it special. She didn’t get to go to her prom, so I made it a priority to take her to my prom.”

Ryan wanted his mother to experience everything she sacrificed for him: dressing, dancing and taking photos. Of course, his mother tried to persuade him to take a date closer in age, but the Black teen didn’t agree.

“Words cannot even explain this moment,” Howard-Moss said later. “It’s been 18 to 20 years and I never thought I’d get this moment but he wanted me to have a high school prom.”

We applaud both the thankful son and his devoted mother who managed to transfer the real values of the Black community to her kid.

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