Gary Gunn Became a Victim of another Stupid Police Excuse: “He Appeared Suspicious”

A Montgomery Police shot and killed the unarmed 59-year-old Black man at 3:20 am.

Montgomery Police Chief Ernest Finley said the unidentified officer who shot Gunn, a four-year veteran of the force, had been on a routine patrol of the Mobile Heights neighborhood when he noticed a “suspicious character”.

According to Gunn’s sister Kimberly, their father Frank Gunn, Jr. had also been a Montgomery police officer.
“From my experience of this neighborhood, it’s been police harassment – people always on guard for the police. They don’t feel safe, and he was singled out. Not because he was doing anything wrong, because he was black. He was black at 3 in the morning,” Kenneth Gunn, his brother said.

Kenneth also told the press, “This was a wrong and senseless death by the Montgomery Police Department. My brother was not a violent person and never was.” He said that his brother was well-known and liked in the community where he had lived for decades.

Montgomery County District Attorney Daryl Bailey said there would be a case ready to present to the grand jury once all evidence, such as the body cam the officer was wearing, has been collected and reviewed.

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