Jordan Edwards Laid To Rest

Family and friends gathered on Sunday to mourn Jordan Edwards.

More than 800 people including the Mesquite football team who wore their team jerseys, local officials and gospel singer Kirk Franklin gathered for the two-and-a-half hour open casket service at a Baptist church in Mesquite, Tx., on Saturday to remember the life of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards.



The funeral service included a slideshow of Jordan’s life played above the altar, from his infancy to present, soaring gospel music, and the names of the African-Americans slain by police ringing out from the pulpit.

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“As an adult, he was the kid who demonstrated that America has a bright future,” said Mesquite High Principal Kevin Samples. “As a fellow human, he was a kid who brought encouragement with his joy. He led his peers with character and finesse, and his presence is greatly missed.”

“I just knew it was time to give him to God,” Jordan’s eldest brother, Kevon, said


Jordan Edwards’ death is a horrible tragedy not only for his family but for the Black community in general as each of such cases shows how many armed impune racist we have among American police officers.

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