CNN Commentator Can’t Tell April Ryan And Ana Navarro Apart

CNN commentator shows us that racism in politics will not go away in near future

Jack Kingston appeared on CNN this week and couldn’t tell the difference between two prominent women of color featured on the panel alongside him.

The flub happened during a segment hosted by Don Lemon discussing White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s cringeworthy comments Monday. Spicer made tone-deaf and false remarks about Hitler’s use of chemical weapons and called concentration camps “Holocaust centers.”

Kingston immediately interrupted to argue against Ryan’s claim that the outrage wasn’t political ― but nothing he said mattered after he confused Ryan for commentator Ana Navarro in his rebuttal and called her “Ana.”

Lemon jumped in to correct Kingston’s blunder and told him, “That’s not Ana, that’s April,” before Ryan reminded him: “I’m April, this is April, I’m sorry.”

Kingston attempted to play damage control and claimed, “I can’t see who’s talking, I apologize,” to which Navarro said: “Not all colored girls are the same, Jack.”

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