What Black People Think Of Missile Strikes In Syria

Tweets and posts sent after news of the strikes confirm the existence of a serious problem.

When U.S. military launched its first direct assault on the Syrian government on Thursday, thousands of African-American Internet users strongly disapproved of this unwise attempt to rush into another war. There were lots of words on sympathy for Syrian people who became the victims of both external and internal conflict. Black people know about the hardships of the war too much.


Black people are tired of wars but they are tired of ignorance even more. We see so much attention paid to the country which is located thousands of kilometres from the US but what about us?! Racism doesn’t kill fewer people than terrorism; medicine is either unavailable or unaffordable…



People get shot, children disappear…

syria3 syria4

Do we sympathise with Syrian people? Yes, we do, we also believe that the money spent on this attack could have done much more good here than there.

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