Do White People Belive In Pepsi?

A protester decided to check the power of Pepsi on white people. Just see, if it worked.

After the recent controversy around a tone deaf Pepsi ad, a young man in Oregon decided to let white people feel the sting of their own bigotry. pepsi1

At a Portland city council meeting, Carlos Enrique offered the mayor a Pepsi definitely hoping to solve some urgent issues and assuming that “the language of resistance has not been properly translated.”


“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” the mayor replied nervously. “Not a good move! Don’t do that again. Not a smart move.” “… if this were the Boston city council, that would’ve ended differently,” he added.

pepsi3 pepsi4 pepsi5

The immediate reaction of the security perfectly shows us if the situation is as reluctant as the controversial ad tries to persuade us. Whites don’t even try to understand the real intentions of activists, they get frightened and are not ready for an open dialogue. I’m sorry, dear white people, but Pepsi doesn’t work and you seem to know it from the very beginning.

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