Bloodstained Map Of America

Do you want to see an interactive map of America where each lynching is marked?

A project launched by the Department of Records in collaboration with Tuskegee Institute (now Tuskegee University) tells the horrible story of lynching in America. This new interactive map can help you find out about each lynching death that happened between 1830s and 1960s.


Creation of such a map became possible due to hard work of an African-American sociologist Monroe Nathan Work who spent lots of time trying to locate every known lynching case.

map2 map5 map6

The map allows users to learn about 5,000 lynchings of not only African-Americans in the US, but also Chinese, Italians, Native Americans and Latinos.

map3 map4

When you see these blood stains and know that each of them symbolizes a human life lost to the cruelty of white race, your heart misses a beat. Every American, no matter Black or white should see this map because it shows the past that can not be justified.

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