Courtney Kemp: I Am A Perfectionist

Meet Courtney Kemp, a creator and executive producer of Power.

Qualifications: Before hitting ratings gold with Power, Courtney Kemp, according to Essence magazine,  was racking up writing and producing credits on The Good Wife and Hawaii Five-O.

Staying open: “I wanted to be successful in magazines, which didn’t work out. Then an article I wrote about interracial dating was turned into a show. The project never happened. but i got the [TV] bug.”

Losing, to win: “I’m not funny enough for comedy, so getting fired from The Bernie Mac Show was the greatest thing to happen. I ended up [trying] drama, which was fantastic.”

On balance: “As a perfectionist, I‘ve had to sacrifice a great deal…but I’m not sure I would have done it any differently.”


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