Mimi Valdés: I Want To Entertain, Educate And Inspire

Meet Mimi Valdés, an executive producer and a chief creative officer of Hidden Figures.

Credits: An executive producer (alongside producer Pharrell Williams) on Hidden Figures. According to Essence magazine, Mimi Valdés coproduced Dope (and served as music supervisor) and the upcoming biopic Roxanne Roxanne, which made its debut at Sundance in January.

First gig: “As a young girl, I was obsessed with magazines and loved hip—hop. When the test issue of Vibe came out in 1992, I thought, This is everything! Landing my editorial assistant job was a dream. By 2003 I was named editor-in-chief.”

Transitions: “[Managing] creative people and maintaining a vision, on-budget, feels natural. My editorial skills were transferable, but I owe a lot to being curious. I’m forever a student.”

On her feelings: “I want to entertain,  educate and inspire. Working with Pharrell on the ‘Happy’ video was an example of that.”

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