#BringHarrietHome Campaign Needs Your Help

The founders of #BringHarrietHome campaign seek to raise money and buy a rare photo of the abolitionist for a small museum devoted to her.

We doubt there is anyone here who haven’t heard about Harriet Tubman, the famous abolitionist. Now her story is an integral part of Black history.



The recently designated Auburn, N.Y., historical site, including the house where Harriet once lived, hopes to raise $25,000 and enter the New York City Swann Galleries auction. in order to obtain a unique image, which was recently discovered in a private citizen’s centuries-old photo album.


The museum itself survives on donation, it has already generated nearly $7,000 since the crowdsourcing initiative launched on Women You Should Fund Tuesday, March 7, but it still needs your help.

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Please support #BringHarrietHome Campaign and show your respect to the woman who devoted her life to let us nowadays be born free.

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