Novel Reveries

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My name is Denee Jones. I like to say Novel Reveries specialize in literature related merchandise for authors and their readers. I started a blog about books years ago, which then progressed to a review website, but I felt like I wasn’t contributing towards my favorite books as much as I’d like. I’ve always loved art and making things, I even have a degree in interior design, so when I discovered a site like etsy that allowed me to explore my creativity, I jumped at the chance.

I’m constantly taking notes on new products I want to experiment with, and quirky names to call them, so I’d definitely say I’d like the types of product I make to increase to provide more options. It felt like just yesterday that I felt I needed more in my shop, and pulled out my grandma’s sewing machine and taught myself to sew! I absolutely LOVE learning new crafts! I would also like to do more illustrations and finally release a new book purse line (as opposed to my current upcycled book purses in which I use actual old books,) and more jewellery options. My mind’s always thinking up new things to create until I sit down and really look up the expenses it would involve, haha! I’m also currently revamping my other etsy (home decor based,) so I’m very excited about that as well. Read more here…

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