3 White Students Dodge Hate Crime Conviction After Assaulting Black Roommate

Three Students of San Jose University are not guilty of a hate crime, jury ruled.

The jury Monday issued guilty verdicts on misdemeanor charges of the three San Jose State University students after facing just six months in jail for assaulting an African-American who happened to be their roommate, NBC News reported.

Colin Warren and Logan Beaschler, 20, and Joseph “Brett” Bomgardner, 21 – plus a fourth defendant charged as a juvenile, engaged in multiple acts of race-based bullying in 2013 against then 17-year-old Donald Williams Jr.

The Network reported that, the incidents included hanging a bicycle lock in U-shape around William’s neck and locking him in a closet, and displaying a confederate flag in their room.

Considering the Jury’s decision, Jeff Rosen, Santa Clara County District Attorney made this remark via NBC:

“This violence did not happen in a historical vacuum. This violent act was done to a young black college student by five white men, an injustice inflicted upon him because of the color of his skin.”

The Network’s report stated that, the defense team argued that the incidents were simply pranks. Sam Polverino, the attorney for one of the defendants, was reluctant to comment on the verdict because of a pending civil lawsuit.

According to the NBC, a chief diversity officer is on the plan to be hired because all the four students were expelled from the University.

The prosecutor said he may seek a retrial on the hate crime charges. Sentence is scheduled for March 14.

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