Renata Brown-Brodie With “From Hunt To Teen”

We present a new book "From Hunt To Teen" from heroic black mother Renata Brown-Brodie.

Renata Brown-Brodie was once a social butterfly who turned stay at home mother. She left her work life behind to be at home for her children and husband. As her two kids got older, she returned to the corporate world. First as a Realtor in Wilmington, DE until the markets crashed. Secondly, she settled into a promising career with Bank of America tells Black Moguls Magazine

Being young and restless, Renata Brown-Brodie was doing well in corporate America, but still was not satisfied. Her passion is writing and has been the case since she was at least 11 years old.

After saving work at her corporate job. Renata would come home and start cranking out pages developing the groundwork for her latest successful novel: “From Hunt To Teen”. Her teenage children are her muse and provide inspiration for the book and many of her other stories.

She will be the first to tell you, getting her work out there did not come easy. Writing requires discipline and passion and if you are not serious about the craft, you will throw in the towel in frustration. With many attempts at getting her work published. Renata Brown-Brodie finally landed a 3 book deal with Tate Publishing. The success of her first published book has placed high demands on her time. Once she leaves work at her day job, she conducts radio interviews and book signings across the country. 

Renata Brown-Brodie is proof that once can never be too busy to start to living your dreams. This superbusy black mom and career woman has found a way to balance life on her terms successfully.  If you like “Harry Potter”, then “From Hunt To Teen” is о great book to grab as a gift for yourself or someone you love. And you can get a copy with the assurance that it contains wholesome family friendly language. Read more online at

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