Black Memorabilia Collection Shed light on America’s Ugly Racial Past.

It is not often that we see or hear discussions about America’s disturbing racist past in the media or anywhere! We have been taught to forget the root of racism, one of the most sensitive problems facing America today, by clinging on the fantasy of a free Nation and a Dream attainable by only few.

The walls of history classes and art galleries are painted with illustrious pictures of American greatness and industry, while the bedrock of that greatness; exploitation of black folks, is often left unrecognized and unspoken of.

Matthew Quinn, executive vice president of Quinn’s Auction Galleries decided to post online a collection of black memorabilia against all resistance from his webmasters, who saw it irrelevant and, perhaps, too despicable to be out there for the world to see. However, Quinn saw the items necessary and that they shouldn’t be avoided. “I told them we have to. This is our history,” he said.

The collection which was on display in Virginia included some distasteful items that remind people of America’s racial past. The items included a postcard from 1938 of a Black man being publicly whipped, branding irons used to mark enslaved people as property, a sheet music from a song called There’ll Never Be A Coon Sit In The Presidential Chair.

Some of the items are so ugly they make the viewer catch his or her breath on first view. Most disturbing is the similarity of the items to events happening today — The 1938 public whipping in Delaware from the videos we see on a regular basis of black Americans beaten, harassed and killed by police officers today.

Are the racist song of Oklahoma frat boys — ‘There will never be a N-word in SAE’ and the Arizona girls who thought it would be funny to spell the N-word out on their T-shirts any different? All this has been lost in time and the narratives very distorted.

The total emancipation, empowerment and formation of our people and all people lie in your hands! Join us in our quest to make our world a better place. Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same!

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