Anti-Beyonce Protests flop!!!

Where y'all at?? Pro-Beyonce fans ask fake Anti-Beyonce protesters.

After Queen B dropped “Formation” and performed at the Super Bowl, a bunch of ignorant haters decided to organize an anti-Beyoncé rally in front of NFL headquarters in Manhattan.

Their intentions were serious. However, no one showed up, including the person who organized the rally.
It’s not even surprising, because usually these internet revolutionaries stick to crying behind their computers rather than actually doing something.

Also, anti-Beyonce protesters were outnumbered by pro-Beyoncé supporters.
CBS New York estimated the pro-Beyoncé demonstrators at about three dozen.

“I’m disappointed,” a pro-Beyoncé demonstrator said, “I really wanted to talk to them and hear their side. I’m not sure why they’re not here, I am kind of sad about that, but I still think coming out here was worth it.”

This anti-Beyonce “protest” only proves that these internet trolls don’t know how to organize events like this. It proves that they’re nothing more than a bunch of cowards who will never be responsible for their words. This “protest” shows who are really ready to stand one’s ground.

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