Anti-Beyonce- Rally Set for Today February 16

A pro-police group based in NYC called “Proud of the Blues” is to organize an Anti-Beyonce-Rally set for February 16 to protest Beyoncé’s super bowl halftime performance.

A notice was put up on an Eventbright post few days after the Super Bowl event calling on every White man, who is offended that Beyoncé pulled her race-baiting stunt at the Super Bowl. The free event sing up form, which was created by an unidentified organizer for the protest, drew media attention.

Many white people are offended that the pop star singer paid tribute to the BlackLivesMatter movement during the Super Bowl halftime show at the Levi’s stadium on February 7, 2016 in Santa Clara, California. They don’t like the fact that she pulled her race-baiting stunt at the Super Bowl knowing that it was indeed a big slap in the face to law enforcement.

This isn’t just an attack on Beyoncé and Black Partner Movement but on every black musician in the entertainment world.

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