Ode to my Brothers and Sisters

Powerful poem by our Instagram follower, beautiful Ebony M. Gilliam

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Hey, King,

I salute you

Hey, Queen,

I kneel before you

Do you know

Why I call you

These names

Historically were given

To our people

And I’m not talking

About chains and pain

And a multitude of misery passed

Down from slave masters

To our ancestry

But two crowns and

Two thrones for you

To dwell

Your pride

Your melanin

Kissed by the sun

The strength

In your stance

The power in your voice

We were created In God’s image

The creator of all But Kings and Queens

Please listen carefully I give you these

Names but you don’t

Answer to them

So I plead with you I’m so tired of

The disrespect and the neglect

We give to each other

We were built

To withstand

To demand respect

To change our perspectives

But do we even hear one another

We need to heal one another

We need to love one another

Our culture depends on it

Our future depends on it

We are more than just our bodies

We are more than the names

We answer too


You are not a bad bitch

You’re the backbone

That supports a King

And King,

You’re not a [email protected]&&!

You are the strength

That carries a Queen

We need to do better

We have to do better

We have to unite

You want to

Rebuild our Community

Do you want to

Be the change

That you seek?

Watch the dreams of

Our Brother Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

And Brother Malcolm X

Come to fruition

How about you

Kings and Queens

Join each other

In the power of

Black loving and uplifting

One another

Is that alright?

Because that’s

What we all need

To heal each other and succeed


*Black Matter US movement cares about the future especially for our people*

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