Officer Who Fatally Shot Keith Lamont Scott Will Not Face Charges

Police Officer Brentley Vinson will not face any charges for the September shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott

Apparently family of Keith Lamont Scott do not deserve justice for unjustified murder by cop. On Wednesday district Attorney Andrew Murray in the interview said that cop “acted lawfully” when he shot Keith Lamont Scott.

Murray also added “A team of 15 career prosecutors made the decision unanimously based on the legal definition of what justifies the use of deadly force for self-defense” according to NBCnews.

“The same legal standards apply to both private citizens and police officers,” he said. “[But] police are sometimes required to run toward, rather than away, from dangerous situations to protect the public.”

In this case, Vinson had to make a split-second decision, Murray said. He ultimately fired four shots at Scott after Scott drew his weapon and didn’t obey repeated commands by the officers to drop it, staring at them with a “trance-like look” in his eyes, Murray added.

The case gained national notoriety after Keith Lamont Scott‘s wife, Rakeyia, shared cellphone video she took of the moments leading up to the killing, in which she begs officers not to shoot her husband. Additionally, a few people who had originally claimed to have witnessed the shooting later told agents of the State Bureau of Investigation that they hadn’t actually seen anything.

According to the Charlotte Observer, after police officials announced that the officer would not receive charges, police were put on alert for the city’s reaction and were told that they may have to work 12-hour shifts.

The family said they were “profoundly disappointed” that Vinson will not face charges. Scott’s death sparked six consecutive nights of protests, including one outside of the Bank of America stadium. At times the demonstrations turned violent: Justin Carr, 24, was shot and killed during a protest.

Despite the immense will of black people who wanted justice, cop who murdered Keith Lamont Scott will get away clean. Yet another incident of systematic racism. Law Enforcement will protect it’s puppets and injustice will live on and claim another black life.

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