NYPD seek immunity for the crimes they commit against citizens

To foster the aggravating act of NYPD police against innocent citizens, Commissioner Bill Bratton is seeking for a legislation to change “resisting charges” to felony.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton of the NYPD has Legislators working on the possible conversion of the charge “resisting arrest” to a felony. He continues by stating “I think a felony would be very helpful in terms of raising the bar significantly in the penalty for the resistance of arrest”

An Investigation by WNYC proved that, any attempt by anyone to resist arrest is considered as “contempt of cop”- a charge-term usually used by the police against citizens to cover up for lack of evidence of crime in most cases.

Walker, an accountability expert from University of Nebraska commented, “There’s a widespread pattern in American policing where resisting arrest charges are used to sort of cover – and that phrase is used – the officer’s use of force,”

The main aim behind Bratton’s idea is to force the hand of Justice and prosecutors to drop “resisting arrest charges” as bogus charges.
If successful, Bratton will have citizens being fined with tens-of-thousands of dollars and possible prison terms.

If passed as law, a citizen charged with ‘Resisting arrest’ will be committing ‘felony’ which is a more suitable reason for police officers to get more brutal. This will mean a cop’s word against the word of a citizen. This will only aggravate the current situation, where cops shoot mercilessly. This law will definitely grant the Police the authority to shoot anyone they consider fleeing or resisting arrest. A situation which will be indescribable, considering the fact that the situation is already bad.

Considering that this law is passed,officer Bratton wouldn’t be getting anything solved. Instead of making positive contributions to control police brutality and the unlawful or misuse of guns by police, Bratton is concentrating on a “worthless” course.

This act will eventually place innocent citizens at the merciless hands of brutal and racists police.

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