Hate-Group Fliers With Hidden Razor Blades

Students of the University of California, Davis officials have warned about taking of hate-group fliers posted on campus since some have been found to have razor blades hidden in the tape.

Students at the University of California, Davis could wind up with a nasty cut on their hands if they try and remove any of the hate-group fliers posted on campus following the election of Donald Trump last week, according to Atlanta Black Star.

According to an advisory posted to the university’s ASUCD Office of Advocacy and Student Representation Facebook Page, some of the hate-group fliers posted around campus had been laced with razor blades to intentionally harm anyone who tried to take them down.

“If you see posters with hate speech on them around Davis with OPAQUE tape (often blue), PLEASE be careful if removing them because people have been putting RAZOR BLADES in the tape to cause injury to those who try to do so,” the notice reads.

A handful of students and university faculty have already been cut by the small, hidden blades.

The web address printed on the flier is reportedly linked to a local hate group who rallies against Black Americans, gay people and liberals, per the Sacramento Bee. School officials said similar hate-speech fliers have appeared on the campus in the past but are reluctant to assume they’re somehow linked to the results of last week’s election.

“If it is, it’s now time for us to try to come together and chart a positive path forward as a nation,” said UC Davis spokesperson Kimberly Hale. “It’s okay to have differences of opinion, but it should always be done with respect and civility.”

Hale said the fliers have since been removed, as they “were found to be in violation of our Principles of Community.” The university spokeswoman also went on to note that the hate-filled posters weren’t exclusive to the UC Davis Campus. The same fliers were also found at San Francisco State University, the University of Albany and the University of Buffalo in this past week. Another flier was discovered at the University of Iowa back in October, the Davis Enterprise reported.

The hate-group fliers were posted Monday at UC Davis — on Sproul Hall, Olson Hall and the Pitzer Center — which read, “Are you sick of anti-white propaganda in college? You are not alone.” A website that appears to be a hate group promoting white power (therightstuff.biz) was cited on the fliers, the Davis Enterprise states.

Other universities, including San Francisco State University, the University of Albany and University of Buffalo, saw this flier appear on campus in the past week, and it showed up at the University of Iowa in October. It is not known if these fliers are related to last week’s presidential election.

Time Warner Cable News confirmed the Albany fliers and the University of Buffalo student newspaper, The Spectrum, reported the fliers on that campus and also mentioned their appearance in Florida and Iowa. The Golden Gate Xpress, SFSU’s student newspaper, reported the fliers on that campus this week.

UCD spokeswoman Kim Hale confirmed the fliers’ locations, and said she believes there were only “a few … posted on or near entryways to the buildings.” She said the UCD Police Department was made aware, and that “there have been no reports of activity today (Tuesday).”

Added Hale, “We’ve come to learn that these fliers were not exclusive to this campus, but that this group posted fliers at other campuses as well. They did not advocate violence or any action against any group of people but did violate our Principles of Community and were removed.”

Interim Chancellor Ralph Hexter sent a message to the campus noting the university code that prohibits fliers posted in certain places as well as where to report hostile and harassing content.

Hexter also said, “We urge each Aggie to read the entire Principles of Community statement (http://occr.ucdavis.edu/poc) as a reminder of what our community is and aspires to be.

Graduate student Victoria White, a Ph.D. candidate in comparative literature, noted that the hate-group fliers were posted on buildings that house the humanities and social sciences.

“I and many of my colleagues feel that we are being targeted based on our fields of study,” she told The Enterprise.

 In March, UCD and several other colleges across the country received a rash of anti-Semitic fliers that spontaneously began printing from their network-connected printers or fax machines.

This is just not bizarre but a display of cowardice. White supremacists have been involved in such unscrupulous activities for long and they should stop hiding behind the image of Trump to perpetrate their evil deeds. Culprits of this offense must be brought to book immediately when found.

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