Black Mentally Ill Man Shot To Death By Boston Police

Two Boston cops fired at a Black mentally ill man, Terrence Coleman, in the early hours of Sunday upon their arrival in response to an emergency call.

More and more Black families continue to suffer loss at the hands of law enforcement officers in the United States. In several instances, when Black people call the police for help, it rather turns out to be a call to execution. The latest on the death list of Black people killed by cops has been identified as 31-year-old Terrence Coleman, a Black mentally ill man. The shooting occurred at around 12:39 am at Shawmut Ave. by two Boston police officers. What might have mandated this brutal action by the cops? Find out more below from the accurate information we have put together from carefully selected sources:


Boston EMS and Boston police responded to a Shawmut Avenue apartment after a mother called 911 reporting her emotionally disturbed 31-year-old son was out of control.

Police said the Black mentally ill man was suffering from paranoia and schizophrenia. While trying to help the man, a struggle ensued and the man armed himself with a knife. Police said the man tried to stab the EMTs, who called for help while fighting with the man.

Officers ran in to assist, and police said the man swung repeatedly at the officers and EMTs as they struggled to get the knife away.

Police said they were faced with a lethal force situation and after failed attempts to disarm the man, they fired their weapons. The man was taken to an area hospital where was later pronounced dead.

“Unfortunately it turned ugly,” Boston police Commissioner William Evans said. “The officers intervened. They tried to disarm, and unfortunately, he just kept coming at the officers and it left them no choice right now.”

EMTs and police officers were treated for head and back injuries suffered during the struggle.

The Suffolk District Attorney has taken over the case and pledged to conduct a thorough investigation.

Statement from Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley

As we have in every such case for more than a decade, we will release our entire investigative file to the family of the deceased and the media upon its conclusion. To my knowledge, this level of transparency in fatal police shootings is unparalleled, and no other district attorney’s office in the country affirmatively releases every report, every interview, every dispatch transmission, and every map and diagram in every case as we do.” Read more.


Police have not named the suspect, but the man’s mother, Hope Coleman, 60, identified him as 31-year-old Terrence Coleman.

The grief-stricken mother sobbed Sunday morning as she disputed police accounts that he was armed and said the shooting of her son was unwarranted.

He wasn’t thinking about attacking nobody!” she said. “He was thinking about getting the hell out of the house. He didn’t want to go in the ambulance.”

She said she had called the South End Clinic in preparation to bring her son to Tufts because he was sitting outside on the steps and refusing to come inside. He had been sitting on the steps for most of the past two days and she was concerned that he would catch pneumonia with the cold weather.

While attempting to render aid to this person, he armed himself with a knife and attempted to stab the EMTs,” said police in their statement.

The EMTs and the officers fought with the suspect but failed to disarm him and de-escalate the situation, according to the statement. Read more.

The rate at which American cops are quick to open fire when dealing with Black people has become alarming. The situation is so appalling that one may begin to wonder if cops receive any training on how to handle violent situations at all. This cruelty on the part of the law enforcement is actually a disgrace to the entire police service. If the only thing needed as a cop is to shoot guns, then what is the need for the training? Why the name law enforcement then? The police have turned themselves into “murderers in uniform” who are backed by law. They cherish their own lives so much that in situations like this they always give the excuse of their lives being in danger. But what about the lives they waste by their gun? Aren’t those lives worth preserving? This is pure incompetence on the part of law enforcement. Those officers really have no business being in the service. This is neither the first nor the second Black mentally ill person to be killed by cops. This horror must stop! Black lives are important too and deserve to be preserved.


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