Refused Credit Because Of Your Race? Here’s What You Should Do

Being refused credit is always frustrating. Unfortunately, African Americans experience it more often than others. Here are several tips for you what to do if you got rejected by a bank.

Racism is not only a social phenomenon. It affects us on all levels and in all spheres of our life. Banking system is not an exception. A solution to discrimination in banking is the convenient tool that helps find a bank ready to give you a loan right now. Click here to explore such tool:

A bank wouldn’t cash Trish Doolin’s paycheck because they didn’t believe she was an architect. What happened to Trish was unacceptable.

Unfortunately, it can happen to every African American. When you are refused credit or a loan because of your race, it can be really inconvenient, humiliating, and affect your best-laid plans. Here are several steps you should take if you think you have been discriminated against:


1. Write down the facts immediately

2. Get legal advice from a lawyer

3. File a complaint

4. Take a loan in a place where you won’t be rejected. All the humiliating procedures can be omitted if you know where to apply.

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